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  • 5th place

    Perfect execution, awesome finish, and the instantiation of the windows is spot-on. This project also gets special mention due to the best poster produced this year where the application is intuitively described.

  • 6th place

    This is one of my favourites. Simplicity and complexity in perfect harmony. Awesome!

  • 7th place

    Smart thinking, good planning, proper modelling, top detailing. Great work!

  • 8th place

    Good planning of the branch-geometries within the group, before writing the automation routines resulted in this great work:

  • 9th place

    A great example of how to re-use models in an automated fashion to generate a broad variation of designs.

  • 10th place

    We’ve seen the struggle. They’ve worked very hard and managed excellently to produce a respected end result.

  • Design Automation Results 2017

    Result from the Product Modeling Course TMKT57 at Linköping University. Top 10 result will be presented in the coming days…

  • Results CMDO 2016

    Results from the course Collaborative Multi-Disciplinary Design Optimisation course. The top three groups are the following (in no specific order). These 3 groups represent those who have shown examplary understanding of MDO and as a group were able to successfully divide and execute the various tasks given to them by the course coordinators. Adam Eklund, Martin…

  • 1st place

    Inspired by the Munich olympic park and the legendary Frei Otto, this group has created a truly amazing automated design which is able to automatically instantiated tensile structures on extreme design surfaces. Enjoy the video!    

  • 2nd to 5th place 2016

    2nd place Easily transform you conceptual tower. Then automatically instantiate the complete structure AND all the window which are placed upon the generated structure. A great example of instantiation upon instantiation. Amazing project! 3rd Place Perfectly executed model which is able to automatically generate a tower with individually instantiated windows which differ in size and…

  • 6th to 10th place 2016

    6th place Wadala Tower project is an amazing implementation of how structural elements can be automatically instantiated on conceptual and complex geometries. The result of this project is impressive. 7th place The LiU Zeppelin project is a great example of how repetitive processes can be automatically configured. Here the best examples are the outer plates as well as…

  • Results 2016

    Part of the result of the Product Modeling Course TMKT57 at Linköping University. Top 10 result will follow in the coming days…

  • 1st place – Picture Perfect

    Imagine a greatly complex product. Now imagine this product generated 100% automatically with insane detail level. This is perfect!

  • Runner up – Automation at its best!

    The goal was to generate the most common types of Ferris Wheels. This was accomplished by identifying the critical features and determine the sequence of how the main parts of the product should be instantiated. This process is well defined and it works elegantly as the users can setup their custom made Ferris Wheel!

  • 3rd place … also a tie!

    On third place we have two groups as well. Both groups have of course very good modeling and programming implemented in their respective projects. Specifically, the Infinity bridge project has been able to create a robust and flexible solution for a design which can seem simple but is in fact very complicated. The Roller Coaster is…

  • 4th place

    This project is well executed and a perfect example of how design automation can be implemented. Repetitive operations are automated to generate conceptual Caravan instances.

  • 5th place is a tie!

    On 5th place we have two projects this year, which although worked with different products, still had similarities. Both project succeeded in executing there modeling and automation in a way so that the end results stayed true to the product which was chosen. London Eye and IJ Bridge have never been as robust, flexible and incredible!

  • Results 2015

  • Best Results 2014 (5/5)


  • Best Results 2014 (4/5)


  • Best Results 2014 (3/5)

  • Best Results 2014 (2/5)

  • Best Results 2014 (1/5)

  • Posters for 2013 Product Modeling results

    The posters are now finally ready. We want to thank Andreas Engström for investing time on the posters and the renderings. Click in the below link to open the posters. Poster Eiffel Heli Aircraft_light  

  • Best groups 2013

    The 7 best groups of the course Product Modeling 2013 have been selected as follows: The 8 team Eiffel Vive la france – Eiffel Mackan Guitar Red Baron Delta Group JohanOskarHenrikMicke Space station

  • JohanOskarHenrikMicke

    Members: Johan Söderberg, Oskar Björfeldt, Henrik Nilsson, Mikael Sahleström  

  • Red Baron

    Members: Tommy Andersson, Christoffer Magnusson, Viktor Öhrberg, Andreas Ringedal, Tobias Reinholdsson

  • Vive la france – Eiffel

    Members: Emil Johansson, David Karlsson, Christoffer Zeipel-Stjerna, Henrik Rosendahl, Markus Westerberg

  • Space station

    Members: Coralie Narpon, Nicolas Pionnier, Charles Caillosse, Francois Raymond

  • Mackan Guitar

    Members: Erik Josefsson, Sasa Dencic, Thomas Axblom, Christoffer Karls, Markus Karlsson

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