2020 – Top 10 Design Automation

This year we had extraordinary level of great projects, despite the current circumstances. Having hard time to only choose 5 projects, we are going for top 10!

10th place

This project shows a mature combination between automation and manual design. The results are telling where a lot of repetitive process is automated for a relatively complex geometry.


9th place

Based on a manual drawn track, the structural-elements of the roller coaster are automatically put in place. Useful and exciting piece of automation!


8th Place

An automation routine which allows the user to create mass-customised furniture which also takes into account efficient manufacturing. A well executed project.

34Poster group 34e92f801272388798edb233ab800e618d83e7c8a757fea060a2d2a60d72148dc1

7th place

A great automation project! The most inspiring aspects of this projects is the fact that aesthetics is automatically generated.


6th place

A great configuration project which allows the user to put together various modules which ultimately lead to a very large amount of possible variants.


5th place

Truly great project which allows automation on complex user unique designs. The routine is very robust and thus able to produce solutions that take into consideration manufacturability and assembly. 2poster_v3394befa44752fcfd9b64d1c73f53aadef8fbc230e5e4d370a970e937bdd04d9c

4th Place

Tremendous automation and hands down best project in terms of mathematics applied. The routine creates the village and lays down the structural-elements by making sure that there are no collisions.Mars_Village_Poster_Michael-Lang

3rd place

Useful and user-friendly train configurator that is able to produce flexible interiors based on an excel GUI. The execution and the results are very professional!


2nd place

Never judge a book by its cover 😉 The poster does not do justice to how great of a project this is. Incredibly robust interface allows complete flexibility in kitchen design. Awesome work! Make sure you watch the video!41Sophia Designs341987e1dbd4c5c10c9684045bfa7dc0c083a76bdd2dfca8f8a20a14535c01fb

1st place

I could write a lot in order to mention all that is great with this project. All from attention to detail to flexibility of automation to the completeness of the results. For me, this is the best and most inspiring project for 2020.








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