It has been pointed out that, regardless of disciplines, basically all analyses require information that has to be extracted from a geometry model. Hence, in order to enable integrated design analysis and optimization it is of vital importance to be able to integrate an automated parametric geometry generation system into the design framework. On this front, the rate of computational advancements is continuously paving way for new design tools, providing increasing model fidelity as well as increasing the prospect for design reuse and automation. The last mentioned can also be used to abolish routine-like tasks, leading to elimination of human errors and possibilities to design more customized products. The automated geometry generation is a key enabler for so-called geometry-in-the-loop multi-disciplinary design frameworks, where the CAD geometries can serve as framework integrators for other engineering tools. aircraft_hlct

To eliminate non-creative work, methods for creation and automatic generation of High Level CAD templates (HLCt) is being developed in the division of Machine Design. The basics of HLCt can be compared to parametric LEGO® blocks containing a set of design and analysis parameters. These are produced and stored in libraries, giving engineers or a computer agent the possibility to first topologically select the templates and then modify the shape of each template parametrically.


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