Month: July 2017

  • 1st place 2017

    So for the best project we have a real beast. Advanced modeling, awesome coding and great results. It has to be pointed that the project presented is not only a parameterised rubber model. All the detail such as boards and ribs are actually instantiated, which can be visualised in the video below, meaning that a bill…

  • 2nd place

    In this project a product configurator is presented. The CAD models are no lookers but the logic created to enable interactive configuration together with the GUI is spot on. Good job!

  • 3rd place

    This project is close to perfection. They’ve managed to automate a vastly complex structure. Note that the planks are not a material choice, but rather context dependent instances of actual Plank templates. The detail level is insane.

  • 4th place

    This project shows in an unique way how automation can be used to create complex structures, as in this case unique user-defined trees. It was a privilege to watch this group evolve during the course.

  • 5th place

    Perfect execution, awesome finish, and the instantiation of the windows is spot-on. This project also gets special mention due to the best poster produced this year where the application is intuitively described.

  • 6th place

    This is one of my favourites. Simplicity and complexity in perfect harmony. Awesome!

  • 7th place

    Smart thinking, good planning, proper modelling, top detailing. Great work!

  • 8th place

    Good planning of the branch-geometries within the group, before writing the automation routines resulted in this great work:

  • 9th place

    A great example of how to re-use models in an automated fashion to generate a broad variation of designs.

  • 10th place

    We’ve seen the struggle. They’ve worked very hard and managed excellently to produce a respected end result.