1st place 2017

So for the best project we have a real beast. Advanced modeling, awesome coding and great results. It has to be pointed that the project presented is not only a parameterised rubber model. All the detail such as boards and ribs are actually instantiated, which can be visualised in the video below, meaning that a bill of material (BOM) and drawings could be created to actually produce it. This fact together with incredibly complex surface models for ships which is parameterised from a small boat to a big ship is quite an undertaking.

The members in this group were clear in the beginning that they wanted to create something extraordinary. With hard work, commitment and some more hard work they’ve done just that. It has been a pleasure for us in the teaching group to follow all hard working groups and this group is this years icing on the cake.


3rd place

This project is close to perfection. They’ve managed to automate a vastly complex structure. Note that the planks are not a material choice, but rather context dependent instances of actual Plank templates. The detail level is insane.


5th place

Perfect execution, awesome finish, and the instantiation of the windows is spot-on. This project also gets special mention due to the best poster produced this year where the application is intuitively described.