Runner up – Automation at its best!

The goal was to generate the most common types of Ferris Wheels. This was accomplished by identifying the critical features and determine the sequence of how the main parts of the product should be instantiated. This process is well defined and it works elegantly as the users can setup their custom made Ferris Wheel!


3rd place … also a tie!

On third place we have two groups as well. Both groups have of course very good modeling and programming implemented in their respective projects.

Specifically, the Infinity bridge project has been able to create a robust and flexible solution for a design which can seem simple but is in fact very complicated. The Roller Coaster is also a complex product and what earns this project a spot 3 place is their way to portray and manage their product in their user interface.



5th place is a tie!

On 5th place we have two projects this year, which although worked with different products, still had similarities. Both project succeeded in executing there modeling and automation in a way so that the end results stayed true to the product which was chosen. London Eye and IJ Bridge have never been as robust, flexible and incredible!